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Agricultural machinery assembly plant

The purpose of this project is to establish an agricultural machinery production plant with highly qualified and modernized technology based on EURO-3 that will bring sustainable economic opportunity in the Agro-industrial sector to the Nigerian economy. 

All the above will lay a basis for an industrialized structure of the Agriculture sector with modernized technology and engineering which will result in competitiveness of products and human resources in the African market that can be referred to as “the revolution of Agro-industry in Nigeria.” 

The economic impulses generated by the agricultural machinery assembly plant will substantially and positively contribute to a higher growth rate and a greater social and economic stability in Nigeria.

The project shall consist of two phases for five (5) years: phase one of the assembly period with Semi Knock Down (SKD) kits and phase two of the assembly period with Complete Knock Down (CKD) kits.  In 5 years, the country of Nigeria will have a first class agricultural machinery factory with modernized high-technology and a total production volume of 176,000 units of which 50% is to be exported to other African markets. 

This factory is designed per Euro-3, which is environmentally friendly, and is under the supervision of first class German technicians.

Brief Information

Size of land site:

300,000m2 (500m x 600m) allocated in Nigeria

Size of floor space:                 

Assembly Hall 80,000m2, Maintenance Center 5,000m2,
Warehouse 10,000m2, Office and Training Center 5,000m2

Production Schedule:

1st Year
2nd Year 
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year 

Construction, Assembly equipment installation period (18months)
24,000 units with SKD kits
48’000 units with SKD kits
88’000 units with CKD kits
176’000 units with CKD kits

Expected growth rate:   20 ~30% annually


Job Creation:

Direct job creation   

1st~2nd production year
3rd ~4th production year

1,500~3,000 employees
3’000~5’000 employees

Indirect job creation

1st~2nd production year       
3rd ~4th production year          

5,000~10,000 employees
5’000~20’000 employees


Total Investment: 296 Million United States Dollars



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