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Broiler Chicken Plant

This plant is one of the most automated, modern and sophisticated poultry complexes ever in the Russian Federation.  It has a “closed technological circuit” for the solution of ecological problems and consists of:

  • Hen-eggs breeding sections
  • Incubator sections
  • Breeding of  new -born chicks sections
  • Breeding of Broiler chicken sections
  • Meat processing sections
  • Finished products sections

This plant is designed and constructed on the basis of modern technology and domestic know-how. 

There will be:

1. 10 000 (Ten thousand) metric tons of Broiler's meat annually.

2. In composition of the plant the factory for production of high-quality mixed fodder's capacity 60 000 (Sixty thousand) metric tons annually, including 20000 (Twenty thousand) metric tons for the existing poultry factory of an egg direction is stipulated.

The realization of the finished products is supposed through our marketing network channels in Moscow city and suburban, Russian Federation and the C.I.S and on export through our dealers abroad. 

Target for Market   -The entire marketing strategy is directed towards attaining high standards of sales and marketing. In order to achieve the aims and objectives, we distribute and market our plant products in these following regions:

  • 40%   of the total factory out-put  -  in Russia Federation market;
  • 15%   of the total factory out-put  -  in the C.I.S. market;
  • 15%   of the total factory out-put  -  in the South East Asian Market;
  • 10%   of the total factory out-put  -  in the Middle east market;
  • 20%   of the total factory out-put  -  in the Africa's Market.

Approximately one-third of total meat production – is sold in cuts parts, one-third parts will be processed in culinary products, and one-third - in the packed form in a following range:

  • Fillet
  • Brisket
  • Gammon
  • Thigh
  • Wings
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Stomach
  • Sets for soup

For more details, please refer to pages for Target Market structures, or contact our local representative nearest to you by clicking:


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